Finish Your Liver, Not Your Vegetables

Finish Your Liver, Not Your Vegetables

Did you ever consider that you are not actually feeding your body what it needs? Have you ever felt like you were missing something? Ever feel like surely you should have more energy, recover faster, and overall feel better? Have you ever eaten a ton of fruits and vegetables, thinking you were getting all the nutrients possible? Or do you have your doubts that you are covering all of the vitamin and mineral bases your body needs?

Chances are if you feel this way, or this is the first time you are thinking about it and agreeing, you are malnourished, and your body is hungry because you aren't being "fed." When this malnourishment happens long enough, symptoms of even more severe health issues can arise.

Most plants and fruits have been given way too much credit, from nutrition professionals, doctors, pro-vegan/vegetarian dogma, and the food guides themselves. You can follow what they say all you want and intrinsically know you are missing something primal that gives you actual fuel to make you thrive as a human being. That "missing primal food" is something that all humans can have all year long, without having to rely on having another country ship it because it's not in season.

The new phrase that parents need to be saying is "finish your primal meats" instead of "finish your vegetables."

I've compiled a comparison chart to give you an idea of the nutrient coverage of the Liver, compared to popular vegetables like kale and carrots. While it's a simple comparison with two vegetables and beef, you can hold it up against any fruit and vegetable in the world, and see that it outranks them every time. It's more complete, its more bio-available, and contains no vegetable anti-nutrients, and it's what our body craves.

Primal food like the Liver has been placed out of favour, primarily because of taste. Our palates have changed. As a result, we now prefer a double cheeseburger with fries instead of the strong flavour of the Liver. Finding good healthy Liver to eat can be a challenge at times, going for grass-fed sources are always best. Cooking it so that you enjoy can be a whole other challenge!

For those who are never going to enjoy it or are struggling to source high-quality products, we’ve designed the perfect supplement for you. Pure Beef Liver sourced directly from Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Canadian Cows. We’ve even created a subscription to ensure you have it available every single month. After all, would you stop exercising or moving your body for 3 months or longer? No, so why continue to go longer without the proper nutrients in place for your health? Keep your immune system healthy, recover and heal properly, build strength and muscle, live well, just as your ancestors did.

Finish your Liver, not your vegetables.

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