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Six capsules per day is what we recommend, this is equivalent to approximately 1 ounce of organ meat per day. If you want additional support, then the dose can be doubled or even tripled without any issue or concerns of "nutrient overdose". They are extremely nutrient-dense, so depending on your size, it's completely suitable for a dosage that is smaller as well if that is what you feel you need. Dosages in the range of 3-6 can be common, especially for smaller women and kids. 

Because our product is simply food, then you can take with or without food. Its like taking a small bite every day.

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The amount has been calculated that you ingest one serving per week by taking 6 capsules per day.

Normally we are able to ship within 2 business days of placing your order. Once the carrier picks it up, you will receive a tracking number and you can look to see the estimated day of arrival.

You can pull the capsules apart and put it into something that you can drink or spread over other food. Please note that this will change the taste of whatever you are adding it to.

Yes, children do not need 6 capsules per day however. Their age and size will determine how much they should take every day.

Yes, this is a natural product and as long as your pet likes the taste, then it is safe for them as well.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this. The liver does filter what is ingested but the waste is evacuated and not stored in the organ itself.

We recommend to take them all at least 30 minutes before your first meal of the day to maximize the benefit from them. That being said, every body is different so you should try different times and amounts to find what works best for your body and lifestyle.


  • Liver is very nutritionally dense and it's an excellent source of iron.
  • Heart is great to help recover from an injury or after a workout.
  • Kidney has anti inflammatory and anti histamine properties.
  • The Organs Mix gives you some of everything.

    Higher Healths Nutritional Information

    Freeze-dried foods retain the vast majority of the vitamins and minerals found in their original state. Freeze-dried food retains its nutrition because of the “cold, vacuum” process that is used to extract the water. Whereas, the nutritional value of dehydrated food is generally around 60% of equivalent fresh food. This loss is largely due to the heat used during dehydration which breaks down the food’s vitamins and minerals. Also, most home dehydrated products like dried fruit, meat, and vegetables have a shelf life of 1 year or less. Those same foods preserved with a freeze dryer have a 15 to 25 year shelf life.

    Store in an environment away from moisture and away from direct sunlight. Keep at room temperature.

    50% liver, 25% heart, 12.5% kidney and 12.5% spleen. (Spleen currently only found in the Beef Organs Bottle)

    Our capsules are 100% beef gelatin.