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Who is Higher Healths?

We allow you to optimize and restore peak health by filling the nutritional gaps we have in our diets. We enable you to become your very best self without compromise. Our products are 100% pure, unaltered and nutritionally in demand. It's time to put back in what's been missing in our diets.  Feel the difference real nutrition makes. Welcome to Higher Health's.

Our Mission Statement:

"We Restore health, build strength, and find the best in all without compromise"

I've been in love with fitness, and optimizing my health since the age of 13. Being involved in many sports at a young age started my passion for wellness and diet. I became obsessed with understanding how to "fuel" my body effectively when I saw the results in my performance. At 14, I would start cooking "healthy" options for myself (of course, as my understanding of food grew, my "healthy" meals evolved). Ironically, after dabbling in nutrition in college where I studied Kinesiology, majoring in Health and Fitness, I experienced a severe downturn in my general health and wellbeing. Foods didn't sit or digest well, and for years, it robbed me of energy and not only created a ton of discomfort, but also confusion because I thought I was doing everything "right". It turns out, my digestive struggle was a blessing in disguise. The "discomfort", as Paul Chek would say, was my "Guru had arrived", and it had come to set me on a path to discover where real, sustainable, feel good, honest, optimal health comes from. My guts had had enough. I hit the books and found enlightenment. It started with Dr. Cate Shanahans "Deep Nutrition". I came to understand that our genes, the basic building blocks of our bodies, need traditional food.
We now live in a world full of obesity, disease, illness, and are climbing on board the "medical merry-go-round". We chase symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. It became obvious to me that the reason the health the majority of our ancestors achieved seems elusive now is because we simply don't consume foods the way they did.

The moment I started consuming the foods that seem to have been lost to our society today (ie: organ meat, meats from pasture-raised animals), I began to feel I had better mental clarity, and was overall, healthier than I had been in my entire life. The discomfort went away, the energy came back, and my strength surged. It felt good to finally fill the gap that had been missing in my diet. It wasn't complicated, and it didn't come from a pharmacy or a shaker cup.

My family now eats all the essentials of a "Nose to Tail" diet, and we enjoy the unlimited health benefits healthy grass-fed animals provide. Thanks to our Higher Health's Supplement line, my wife is now able to consume organ meat, and get all the unlimited benefits, without experiencing the taste, smell, or texture of traditionally cooked or prepared offal. (I'd long since given up trying to "disguise" it or make it more palatable for her) Now that it's in supplement form, we all enjoy the nutritional benefits, regardless of cooking ability!

We use 100% Pure Beef Organs, no additives, no hormones, no GMO's, no pesticides or fillers. This is truly a Whole Food product, and in my opinion, the only food qualified to be called a "Superfood". There are countless health gains being reported, and I'm excited for you to experience these for yourself. For a detailed list of benefits, click here

I look forward to bringing you more amazing products that will aid you on your health and wellness journey.

Nigel O'Quinn

Higher Healths

Founder and CEO