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Organ meats are by far the most nutrient-dense part of an animal, and the heart is unique all on its own. Organs and glandulars were a staple of our early ancestors' diets as the ultimate superfood, for a good reason. It turns out; this nourishing tradition is backed by science.

"Radioisotope labelling studies in animals have shown conclusively that, when eaten, organs and glands selectively travel to the corresponding organs and glands in high concentrations. This research, done at the University of Scotland in Edinburgh, lends credence to the ancient practice of eating animal organs to help ensure health in one's corresponding organs..." - Dr. Ron Schmid, ND.

Many hunter-gatherer groups made it tradition that the individual that gave the "kill shot" would receive the heart. The precious organ is believed to hold the soul and power of the animal. Eating the heart directly from a freshly killed animal was the tradition among some Native Americans. By doing so, Indians believed they could receive all the qualities of the animal – bravery, strength and agility. I think they are right.

In my opinion, every organ in the animal should be respected and treated like gold, for they contain everything we need for health.

Human nutrition research often demonstrates the concept of 'like supports like.' That is to say, the nutrients in the organs and tissues of animals support those same organs and tissues in humans. For example, animal muscle meats fuel the growth and repair of human muscles. Similarly, the nutrients in animal organ meats support that same organ in the human body. 

The nutrients contained in the heart support the heart's function as well as the entire cardiovascular system. And because nutrients rarely have just one role, these same vitamins and minerals also help cognitive function, energy levels, natural immunity and even promote longevity.

Our genome has evolved with the nourishment of nose-to-tail dining since the beginning of time. Grassfed beef heart is especially rich in the supernutrient CoQ10, vitamin B12, collagen and elastin, proteins, peptides, enzymes and cofactors that are exclusively expressed in heart tissue. It's important to note. No one food can provide us with as much CoQ10 as the body needs. The amount we need is made within the body endogenously; however, no food found in nature better equips the body with the necessary elements to produce that much-needed CoQ10 more than the heart.

The health and happiness effects of consuming beef heart include supporting one's own heart, blood pressure health and mitochondrial health (the energy currency needed for every cell in the body).

Our ancestors used to get regular amounts of this powerful organ in their traditional diets. Like all other organs, the heart has each of the vitamins, minerals, peptides, cofactors, and enzymes perfectly organized in symphony, as found in nature. Today, people do their best by buying individual vitamins or minerals to target or fill a nutritional gap. Unfortunately, we are not that smart. We cannot account for the many enzymes found in the heart that specifically benefit our own, let alone trying to figure out the precise amount of vitamins, minerals, peptides, and cofactors needed. 


  • The Super Nutrient Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10)
  • Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes & Cofactors Expressed In Heart Tissue
  • Vitamin B12
  • Collagen And Elastin

Key Nutrients in Heart:

Key Beef Heart Nutrients


  • The Supernutrient CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10

Crucial for energy production improves blood sugar and a powerful antioxidant. Most abundant in heart over any other organ.

  • B12

It is needed for proper cell division, red blood cell production, neurotransmitter formation, and exercise performance.

  • Anserine, Carnosine, and Taurine

Contains muscle-specific nutrients necessary for proper immune, brain, and cardiovascular health.

  • Creatine and L-Carnitine

Supports mood, energy/mitochondrial functioning, reproductive health, cardiovascular health, exercise performance, muscle recovery and weight loss critical for muscle growth, strength, performance, and healing.

  • Peptides found in heart tissue improves cardiac function and contractility
  • Collagen and Elastin

    Benefits of Beef Heart

    Heart Disease Kills:

    Heart Disease is the number one killer in the U.S. and the second leading killer in Canada. 1 in 4 Americans, or 647,000, die every year from Heart Disease. If we continue to struggle to equip the body with the right nutrients, this will continue to be the case or worse. 

    The good news is you can put Beef Heart into your diet as your ancestors did. Get the direct benefit of the cofactors and enzymes exclusively expressed in heart tissue to strengthen your own heart, provide incredible support, and improve your overall health.

    Protection For Your Heart

    Eating heart goes further than any other food to protect your own heart, as mentioned above. The vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and enzymes found in beef heart are the very same that your own heart will use for support, strength, and repair.

    With heart disease being a real concern for many, there is food for thought here.

    Beef heart with the many nutrients that protect your heart is the incredibly bioavailable Folate and B12, reducing the risk of fatal heart disease in adults.

    Homocysteine levels in the blood are regulated by vitamins B6 and B12 as well as folate. Elevated levels of homocysteine are an independent risk factor for heart disease and high blood pressure. Getting B6, B12 and folate from your diet reduces homocysteine concentration in the blood and reduces the risk of these common cardiovascular conditions.

    B vitamins also support blood vessel formation and positively impact cholesterol levels.


    • Acting as an antioxidant protecting cell membranes and lipoproteins
    • Supporting the production of cellular energy (Adenosine Triphosphate aka ATP)

    Taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol reduces the concentration of CoQ10 in the body. It's a bit ironic that this popular treatment (aka band-aid) for cholesterol is meant to reduce heart disease risk but instead decreases the concentration of a nutrient known to protect the heart. Approaches in our medical system, such as statins, are often where people start to catch on and wonder if it's a healthcare system or a disease care system.

    Support Immune System 

    I think we can all agree that a “well-oiled” immune system is a high priority given the current circumstances. 

    The heart is a good source of zinc, providing 15% of the DV for this vital mineral that optimally helps the immune system function. Zinc has several roles related to immunity, including:

    • Development of cells that mediate immunity
    • Influence cellular behavior beneficial to immunity (killing damaged cells)
    • Preserves natural tissue barriers, including those of the respiratory tract

    Increase Vitality

    Iron, B vitamins and coenzyme Q10 are essential nutrients for high energy, mental sharpness and sex drive. 

    Iron delivers oxygen to all your tissues so they can function correctly. Without oxygen, you'll feel sluggish and fatigued. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world. Heart and other organ meats are a great source of iron.

    Coenzyme Q10 has a very different job than iron; however, you feel it when you don't have enough.

    Here's what you may experience: 

    • Fatigue 
    • Muscle weakness
    • Memory problems
    • Low sex drive

    Finally, B vitamins are the nutrients that help your body turn energy from food into life for your cells. Without adequate cellular energy, each cell, tissue, and organ system cannot carry out work. 

    Here's what you may experience:

    • More fatigue 
    • Slower metabolism
    • Decreased endurance and stamina

    Cognitive Function, Mood, Dementia

    How are all 3 of these linked together?

    The B Vitamins that help strengthen our heart are the same vitamins that play a substantial role in Cognition, your mood, and fighting off dementia by creating new neurons in the brain. 

    Cognitive Function: B vitamins and Coenzyme Q10 support optimal cognitive function.

    Mood: Vitamins B6, B12, and folate are cofactors for enzymatic reactions in the methionine and folate cycles. The B vitamins are required for the clearance of homocysteine, which is toxic at high levels, particularly for organs like your brain and heart. Elevated levels of homocysteine are a risk factor for low mood and depression. Adequate intake of B vitamins is required for healthy homocysteine levels, translating into better brain health.

    Dementia: Much like our mood issue, B vitamins (B6, folate, and B12) regulate homocysteine levels. High levels of homocysteine (hyperhomocysteinemia) is a serious vascular and an established risk factor for dementia. The active form of folate is involved in DNA repair and replication. Both are essential processes for new neuron formation in the brain.

    Taste, Texture, Access:

    For those of you that find it hard to cook and make it taste delicious, or for those of you that can't quite stomach the texture of heart, or, if finding good quality grass-fed animal heart near you, or enough of it, is an issue, then we have you covered with our Higher Health's Beef Heart capsules. It also contains a small amount of our Grass-fed Beef Liver to make it even more potent and nutrient-dense.

    We made this with you in mind, and the quality is second to none. The cows are raised in Canada, from proud regenerative farmers raising the livestock on native grasses and nothing else. These animals are healthy, clean of any antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed and grass-finished. They are tough and healthy enough to weather a brutal Canadian winter and have everything we need to eat as our ancestors did, so we can have the health that they did.

    Stay healthy, stay strong, and Giver Liver... and heart ;)

    Founder-Nigel O'Quinn

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